Morning worship

Sundays: 11.00am (not July and August)

Morning worship has a more traditional Church of Scotland format of worship with a mix of hymns (old and new), readings, sermon, an anthem by the church choir, and organ music.

Children join the congregation at the start of the worship but normally leave to take part in Junior Church activities after the sharing of the peace.

After the service, tea and coffee is served in the Large Hall.

All are welcome.

Sunday morning: Services at Holburn West Church

Worship at 11:00am

During July and August we have a shorter service of worship at 10.00am.

Old drawing of the church building

Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318.



Jubilee Worship

Sundays at 6.10pm (with cafe at 5.30pm)

The Jubilee evening service of worship is more informal than the morning service. The music is lead by the Jubilee Band with guitars, keyboard, and singing of modern praise songs. Jubilee worship encourages discussion around biblical themes and current issues.

All are welcome.

Sunday evening: Jubilee Services at Holburn West Church

Café at 5.30 pm Worship at 6.10 pm