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Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318.

Kirk Session will meet on Tuesday 26th March at 7.30pm

Christian Aid have launched an appeal for help people affected by flooding in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.  Please donate directly if you can, or there will be a chance to give next Sunday 31st, and there will be Gift Aid Envelopes available. Full details on how to donate can be found at - further information available from the Edinburgh regional office 0131 220 1254

Guild Matters:  The Guild's A.G.M. open to all will be next Wednesday, 27th March at 7.30.  This will be an A.G.M. with a difference.  Craig Pike, solicitor with Ledingham and Chalmers, will be giving a talk on the importance of Wills and the Power of Attorney.  Those of you familiar with Craig's style will not be surprised that he suggested the title “Where there's a Will there's a Biscuit Tin”.

Lent and Easter Services

  • Sunday 31st March
    • Hard Work and Resentment or Grace and Celebration?
    • Jubilee: Changing Direction: led by Gill Redman
  • Sunday 7th April
    • Morning Worship led by Isabel Jackson
    • Visit by Norwegian Choir - Fitjar Kammerkor
  • 14th April - Palm Sunday
  • 15th to 19th April - Holy Week Evening Worship
  • Maundy Thursday 18th April - Holy Communion
  • Good Friday 19th April - Readings, Prayers and Reflections: Anthems from the Choir
  • 21st April - Easter Sunday
    • All Age Celebration in Worship

Come and sing John Satainer's “The Crucifixion” Saturday 6th April 10am-4pm performance at 7.30pm, Holburn West Church register or more info contact the Organist :

Dunedin Consort have a concert coming up on 18th April in Aberdeen's Music Hall: Bach's Matthew Passion directed by Trevor Pinnock.

CORRYMEELA:   Many thanks to all who supported the Ecumenical Coffee Morning on the 16th March in Queen's Cross Church.  £1,620 was raised at the annual event to help cross community relations in Northern Ireland at the Centre in Ballycastle.

Souper Sunday:  Super event, thanks to Marjorie and Martin,  and soup makers and waiting folk, you gave £552.80 plus £481.70 was  Gift Aided. The  reclaimed amount of £120.00 makes the total £681.70

Pastoral: if you know of anyone who is unwell or in hospital and would appreciate a visit, please make the minister or Sheila Smith, Convenor Pastoral Team aware.

Pastoral Team Visiting: The Visiting Team will get underway this month. We have a few names at the moment but if you know of anyone who might welcome a visit, either once or on a more regular basis, please pass their details to Marjorie Kelman or May Mitchell.  If you would be willing to join the visiting team please speak to Marjorie or May.

Date for your diary: Table Top Sale, Sat 13th April 10am-12noon. We will be looking for donations for Home bakes, Books and Bric-a-Brac. Tables available at a cost of £10. See Sheila Smith or Laura Fettes for more details.

Corridor Books. New Corridor Books of Guidance "How Can I Believe" and "Does Science Undermine Faith" are available with other titles like "Why Did Jesus Have To Die" and "Why Believe in Jesus' resurrection", "How Do I Pray". Please return any titles you have borrowed when finished.

Lenten Photo Challenge.  We are hoping to encourage as many people as possible across the four congregations (as well as friends and colleagues) to participate by posting a photo to social media based on that day's one-word theme. People can post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtags on the flyer. The challenge can be done individually or collectively as groups or families. Depending on numbers, I'm hoping by the end of lent we'll be able to produce a short video using all of the photographs. Word list available to pick up.

Grid showing different words for Lent photos

TRY PRAYING . These booklets are available once more given a national promotion movement to be held throughout the UK this year. While you may have read this before you are encouraged to pick up copies that can be passed on to people who might benefit from them. This is a comparatively painless method of evangelical effort which might sow seeds in the minds of anyone who reads. There are some copies also available for primary age kids and also adolescents.

The  Publicity  task  group  is part of the Community and Outreach Team.  It meets approximately three times a year, depending on the tasks that are required. Currently, our members are: Yvonne Bain (task  group  lead), Martin Greig, Caroline Scott, Mhairi Shewan, and Celia Walker. We would love to have some more members to help us with the variety of activities that the  publicity   group  does:  

  • Arranging the poster-banners display in the Large Hall (background paper refresh and poster selection)
  • Selection and display of posters for the noticeboard outside the front of church
  • Creation of posters for use in the wayside pulpit
  • Updating information in the corridor area (removing out of date leaflets etc., taking care of the Information Notice Board in the corridor at the side entrance)
  • Ad-hoc  Publicity  posters for internal events eg Coffee mornings
  • Westword Magazine design and editing or proof-reading
  • Website design and editing

If you can help with any of these tasks then please do come and join the  publicity   group .  Contact Yvonne for further information.

Jubilee Programme February / April 2019 - “The Lord's Prayer”


  • 31st Changing direction


  • 7th Letting go, letting God
  • 14th Palm Sunday - the costly power of love
  • 21st Easter Sunday

Corridor Books: New Corridor Books of Guidance "How Can I Believe" and "Does Science Undermine Faith" are available with other titles like "Why Did Jesus Have To Die" and "Why Believe in Jesus' resurrection", "How Do I Pray". Please return any titles you have borrowed when finished.

The Church Office Tel. 01224 571120:

Rev Duncan Eddie, can be contacted on 01224 325873.:

Holburn West Church: Charity No: SC 013318

For more news about events for Aberdeen Presbytery, please visit the Presbytery of Aberdeen Diary.