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Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318.


Following instruction from Aberdeen Presbytery, worship at Holburn West Church is temporarily suspended.

Weekly recordings of services will be linked to our home page - please take a look.

Please do see the document linked here for other online streamed services of worship which you can watch online.




Previous letters during closure


Closure of the Church due to Coronavirus: Covid-19 measures

Dear Friends

The nations of the world are facing a very challenging time in the context of the corona virus pandemic and the impact that is making on societies and cultures and our instinctive ways of relating to one another. We will pray regularly for our political leaders as they make important decisions on how to navigate us through these unsettling waters. In this context the Church of Scotland, along with other denominations have decided to postpone physical gatherings for worship until further notice.

Office bearers and team conveners of Holburn West have met to explore how we are and express ourselves as the Church in these strange times. We trust and pray that good things shall develop as we pray and work together in serving God and our neighbours. The following are the initial steps we are making in this situation:

1. In place of physical gatherings for worship there will be a streaming service on the Holburn West church web site. We are joining with representatives from Midstocket, Queen's Cross and Rubislaw parish churches to offer a shared experience of worship, rotating around the four West End sanctuaries. This will be a pre-recorded participatory act of worship, involving prayers, Bible readings and reflections with the four West End churches represented. A service will be put online from 10.00 am on the Sunday morning. The link is given on the main page of the website. You can watch it at that time and have that sense of praying and worshipping together as folks in their homes link in or you can also watch at a later time in the day or the week.

2. For your spiritual nourishment there will be a new quote on the main page of the website each day for your personal spiritual reflection. We are thankful to the late Dr Jim Craig, who compiled these quotes for daily prayers, and which are inspiring and helpful in a time such as this.

3. As a Church we would want to continue to offer pastoral care in a time of “Social Distancing”

Please contact the church office if you would like assistance in the following ways: Shopping and delivery of items, a phone call for a chat, the collecting of letters etc. to be posted. We have a team of volunteers who would be happy to assist in these sways.

4. As your Minister I am available to try and answer any particular questions you have, either by email or phone.

This is a new and challenging situation for us all. There may be other issues to address along the way. Please visit the Church web site regularly and you will become aware of any updates.

On a positive note. As this pandemic crisis has emerged, I have been encouraged by signs of goodness in the midst of it: the dedication of our Church Elders, of our church secretary; the offers of assistance and care from younger members of our community. Let us trust in the Good Shepherd, our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ to guide us through this valley to the green pastures and quiet waters.

May the Lord bless you and guide you,

with my thoughts and prayers,

Rev Duncan C. Eddie


The Church Office Tel. 01224 571120:

Rev Duncan Eddie, can be contacted on 01224 325873.:

Holburn West Church: Charity No: SC 013318

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