Contact for Jubilee Music: Eileen Presly

The Jubilee music group leads the praise each Sunday evening and it also takes part when there are joint morning services such as family services. The merry band is made up a number of enthusiastic members who enjoy expressing their faith through music and song. There have been many changes in the group over the years and at present it consists of Debra (voice), Isabel and Eileen (guitar), and Verna (piano / keyboard). We enjoy creating our own harmonies and expression as we sing all types of music. Anyone wishing to join us will be most welcome!

Rehearsals are on Sunday evenings before the Jubilee Service at 5.00 pm.



Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318.

Eileen, Debra, Verna and Isabel - playing at the 50 years celebration of the opening of the Church Halls, March 2013.