Our mission is that our activities, organisational structures, resources, and suite of buildings should open us to:

•  God's love, strengthen our love for God and give us faith to stand firm as Jesus' disciples;

•  everyone in the local and world-wide church family, and strengthen our love for each other;

•  all ages and conditions of residents in our parish, especially those in need, strengthening our love for them and our ability to share the gospel with them;

•  the world especially to the poor and the oppressed, strengthening our love for it and our ability to oppose the powers of evil.


If you are interested in hiring any of the facilities at Holburn West Church, please download the brochure for detailed information.

Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318.

Photo of church entrance

The church building was opened for worship in October 1894.   The Sanctuary and entrance to the church was refurbished in 2004. Download a brief history here.

Information on the church building from M Mair (1993) Holburn West Parish Church The First 100 Years Centenary Brochure 1893 - 1993.


Images of Aberdeen are shown in the Sanctuary Wall Hanging which was crafted by a group of volunteers at the church.

Picture of Memorial Window

The memorial window was gifted to the church on 1924, depicting the life of Christ. The three windows show (left) the 'Adoration of the Magi', (centre) the Crucifixion, and (right) Jesus' missionary 'Christ preaching from the boat'.