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September Spirit Prayer

September: Week 3

Reflective (Jeremiah 18:1-6)

Imagine a beautiful china teacup saying ‘I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I was just a cold hard lump of clay. Then the potter picked me up and said, ‘'I could do something with this'' then he started to put pressure on me and change my shape. I said ‘What are you doing? That hurts. Stop!' but he said ‘'Not yet'' Then he put me on a wheel and began to spin me round and round until I shouted ‘Let me off' He replied ‘'Not yet'' He shaped me into a cup and then he put me in a hot oven. I cried ‘Let me out of here, I'm suffocating' But he looked at me and said “Not yet” When He did take me out I thought his work on me was done but then He painted me and it felt so good and I looked so beautiful

I couldn't believe what he did next – he put me back into the oven! I said ‘I can't stand this, please let me out but he said ‘'Not yet'' Finally he took me out of the oven and when had I cooled down He set me on a shelf. Time passed and I thought he had forgotten about me till one day as he took me from the shelf he said ‘'This is just what I need'' Held in his hands I saw myself through his eyes – beautiful, perfect and fit for purpose.

Adapted from story by author unknown





September letter from the minsiter of Holburn West Church,

Rev Duncan C. Eddie

Photo of people exiting the church with social distance separation

We are open for a shorter Sunday morning worship starting at 10:30am. Please note that this does not follow the usual format. If possible, please let us know if you plan to attend by emailing holburnwestsessionclerks@gmail.com. We ask that you do not turn up earlier than 10:15. Be prepared to wear a face covering, give your contact details and sanitise your hands on entry and exit.

Please see the news page for updates from the Minisiter.

Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318.

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Spiritual Quote for the week

Psalm 23

The Lord gives me everything I need.

He gives me the best things to eat and drink.

He gives me security.

He gives me peace of mind.

He shows me what is right and wrong.

Even when I face despair and hopelessness

I need not be afraid because God is with me.

You are always with me to protect and comfort me.

You make me feel special and people will see how much you love me.

You will continue to give me your best for the rest of my life.

We will be friends forever



What's going on?

Sunday 13th September

Image showing the words Help us forgive, forgiving Lord

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